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During the last time, most of our employees have created families in which children were born. In order to give the best to most beloved, we tried to find a completely safe products. But, unfortunately, to find them proved very difficult. We realized, that there are a lot of people like we. Also we understood, that everyone who cares about his health need really friendly products, everyone who suffer from allergies, asthma and other illnesses, those who are thinking about the future, about the impact of used goods on the environment.

      Using the absence of specific legislation on the shelves appeared a lot of items with notes «bio», «natural», «eco», «eco-friendly» and «organic». We were trying to understand what it is. A new trend in marketing or products which are really safe for both people and for the environment?


      We may call Natural any product containing at least one natural component. The composition of these natural products is not controlled by any organizations.
      And as for the Organic products, they must be confirmed by a specific certificates, which means that products are produced with strict observance of certain rules, and   ingredients, which were used during the manufacturing process, must be grown in environmentally clean areas.

 Eco-friendly products often are safe ONLY  for the environment,
or their manufacturers are trying to make products and manufacturing process such.

Organic products are save for the people and for the environment.


        At best, the products labeled «eco-friendly» has the certificate ISO 14001. This is an international standard for the creation of an environmental management system. And environmental management - it is environmentally safe management of modern production, with the help of which the optimal balance between environmental and economic indicators is achieved.

      The objectives of implementing in enterprise environmental management system and its certification:

• Reducing of the negative impact on the environment;
• Improving of the environmental performance of the enterprise;
• Improving of the economic performance of the enterprise;
• Reduction of wastes and their recycling.

 That is the safe use of such funds has not been confirmed!
SODASAN products is Organic category!

Organic products, in contrast to Eco-friendly products, are 100% save not only for environment, and FOR PEAPLE


      Organic laundry detergents, dishwashing and household cleanings  must be certified by Eco-garantie - a guarantee of safety for health and the environment


  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • petrochemicals
  • chemically synthesized ingredients
  • using of plants and animal products from organic farming (use only organic fertilizers)  
  •  Mineral and herbal raw materials are thoroughly checked.
  •  No animal testing
  •  perfectly biodegradable
  •  not toxic to aquatic plants (to avoid extinction of flora and fauna in water bodies) and animals; do not cause accumulation of toxins in the human body
  •  reasonable methods of production
  • no exposure of products for disinfection
  • use of environmentally clean electricity  (
  • reduce carbon dioxide blowout (

       Also in organic production certificate Ecocert takes a place of honor - the strictest and most prestigious standard among manufacturers of bio-cosmetics and bio-materials in the world.
      The “Ecocert” organization certifies products, where at least 95% of the ingredients - it is all-natural ingredients of plant origin. Do not allow: petrochemicals, parabens, artificial dyes, genetically modified products and products of animal origin.Allowed the usage of waste products of living organisms, such as milk, pollen.

Regulated by the technology of growing plants:

  • use healthy seeds of genetically unmodified plants, grown in environmentally friendly plantations
  • set of 2-3-year conversion term for the plant
  • for the enriching of  the soil only organic fertilizers is using
  • The fight against plant diseases and weeds is limited by the mechanical methods, to control pests their natural enemies and an organic list of non-poisonous preparations are used.

      In terms of requirements Ecocert has no equal in the world!

      Ecocert standard prohibits the following types processing of the products:

- the processes of chemical synthesis, for example, bleaching - deodorization
   (by substances of animal origin),
- radiation,
- ionization,
- sulfonation,
- technology with the use

- of genetic manipulation,
- mercury,
- ethylene oxide (desinfection),
- ethoxylation (polyethylene glycol),
- removal of terpenes (except technology using water vapor).

      Any ingredient that was announced as the «BIO», subject to investigation by ECOCERT and only after that it will receive a standard BIO.      Bio-products may also contain components made of the skin of fish or other marine “inhabitants”, not just the plant.

Sodasan products is certified by Eco - garantie and Ecocert,
and also actively involved in projects Greenpeace, Vegan society, etc.

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